How Asia sees the West – our survey of financial communities

The love affair of Western investors with all things Asian has stalled in the last few years, mirroring the slowdown in the Chinese economy, together with increased volatility which has impacted thinking on many emerging markets.

But rather than asking when Western investors will fall back in love with the East, the more interesting question is arguably what the appetite of Asian investors is for putting money into the West.

The historic adage that “investors do not like uncertainty” would, prima facie, argue that investment in a market like the UK is unattractive in the Brexit era. Yet many Asian investors are facing their own challenges at home and may take a very different perspective on the UK to the one we might expect.

With this in mind, last month we conducted a survey of views from the financial communities in the Asian centres of Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur where Bell Pottinger has local offices. We plan to publish this survey on 29th March.

Our interviews with investors, brokers and IROs also gave us some insights into how companies could improve their communications, with a suggestion, in particular, that UK companies are missing out by not being visible enough to Asian investors.

The report will be launched on Wednesday 29th March, at a breakfast meeting at 08:30am at our offices in London (Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QD). Please let Brooke Hughes know if you would like to attend – BHughes@bellpottinger.com

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